Woodworm specialists checking a home

Woodworm specialists in Glasgow and other property contractors are the unsung heroes of the building and property construction industries. It’s not something you like to advertise but at some point in your life, if you are a homeowner, you will have to deal with a problem such as woodworm infestation. Woodworm is the most common name for the larvae stage of wood boring beetles. This type of beetle is usually found in households from early springtime to mid-autumn. They can target any home that has exposed untreated timber in the interior or exterior of the home, so don’t feel ashamed if you have them!

Chances are, your home will be affected by woodworm at some point, as these pests are so small you may not notice their arrival. From fixtures to floor boards, the average home is made up of 70% timber. This is why woodworm is such a common problem for Scottish property owners. Therefore woodworm specialists play an important role in keeping Scottish homes in tip top condition.

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Richardson and Starling: Woodworm specialists in Glasgow

Richardson and Starling have been delivering property care since 1935 so you know they have a wealth of experience in dealing with woodworm. Due to the size of these tiny creatures it is very easy to miss some therefore it is important that you allow a professional to deal with the problem. This elite company always start their service with a comprehensive survey of the property to fully understand the extent of the problem. This is important when they decide the best course of action to take. Typically it involves getting rid of the active woodworm then repairing that damage it has caused. Richardson and Starling are experts in both aspects of this process and offer a 30 year guarantee as well.

Woodworm Specialists Tools laid out on workbench

The Treatment of Woodworm

The nature of woodworm extermination is the use of chemical insecticides which can be very dangerous when not properly applied. Therefore the only way to guarantee safety and the full removal of woodworm infestation, you must hire a woodworm specialist. It might be an idea to have the house checked for other problems that relate to woodworm as well, such as damp. Dry wood is not typically affected by woodworm, therefore any property with an infestation will likely have some sort of damp in their home as well. Although the woodworm may be treated, if the damp is not deal with then the house could become infected again at a later date. Richardson and Starling as the best choice as they are also damp specialists and can deal with both problems at the same time.

How to know if Your Home has Woodworm

Woodworm can fit into the tiniest of spaces including under the window, air vents and even under door thresholds. It can be difficult for someone who is untrained to identify this tricky problem, although it is usually very easy for a woodworm specialist in Glasgow to spot the damage.