Is It Normal For People To Have Yellow Teeth?

Many people worry about yellow teeth as they think it is unnatural and a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. The truth is yellow teeth are perfectly natural. As with most humans we all have different genetic make ups and as a result some people will have darker yellow teeth whilst others will have whiter teeth. So rest assured yellow teeth are perfectly natural.

Why Do People Have Yellow Teeth?

To understand why people have yellow teeth you first have to take a look at what a tooth is made up of. There are 4 main parts of a tooth; the enamel, dentin, cementum and pulp. The pulp and the cementum are found beneath the gum but it is the enamel and the dentin that cause yellow teeth. The enamel is the hard outer part of the tooth that surrounds the yellow dentin beneath. The enamel of your teeth is semi translucent which means that the colour of the dentin beneath shows through.

How yellow your teeth are depends on:

  • The Thickness of the Enamel
  • The Colour of the Dentin Beneath the Enamel
  • Dental Health Problems
  • Bad Dental Care

Obviously the thicker the enamel the less translucent the tooth will be meaning that less of the dentin can be seen. The natural colour of your teeth is largely determined by how dark a yellow colour your dentin is but poor dental care can also make a difference. If you don’t take care of your teeth then the enamel can become damaged by bacteria and disease. The more damage caused the thinner and more translucent the enamel becomes.

Are Yellow Teeth A Sign Of Poor Health?

Yes and no. Your teeth are naturally yellow but sometimes yellow teeth can be caused by dental health problems. Enamel hypoplasia is a condition where the enamel doesn’t form properly and this causes the enamel to be thinner in places resulting in more yellow dentin will show through.

Dental flurosis is a condition caused by too much fluoride during tooth development which causes yellow spots on the teeth. Flurosis can leave you with yellow stains on the teeth around the gums with specks in the centre of the tooth. Failing to look after your teeth properly can also lead to yellow teeth. Stains from food, drink, smoking and more can all contribute to the yellow colour of your enamel. It is important to remove these stains by brushing and taking good care of your teeth.

How Do You Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth?

The best way to reduce the risk of yellow teeth is to take good care of them. Regular brushing will help keep your teeth healthy, helping to remove teeth stains and prevent diseases. Using other dental care products like dental floss and mouthwash will further improve your teeth’s condition. If you don’t take good care of your teeth then the amount of bacteria in your mouth increases which break down your enamel.

If you have always taken good care of your teeth and they are still too yellow then there is the option of teeth whitening. There are a range of teeth whitening products and services available with home whitening kits and professional cosmetic dental surgery. Home teeth whitening kits usually come in the form of whitening strips like Crest White Strips, laser whitening kits where you were a mouth guard containing gel and whitening toothpastes. Cosmetic dental surgery is much more expensive with most dentists either performing laser whitening treatment or fixing veneers.