Oral B Electric Toothbrushes

Oral B are experts when it comes to dental health products and the range of rechargeable Oral B electric toothbrushes is no exception. Oral B have used their expertise in oral hygiene and electric toothbrush technology to create a range that provides excellent cleaning no matter your budget.

The Oral B brand is a market leader when it comes to keeping your teeth clean. Oral B electric toothbrushes are used by more dentists around the world than any other electric toothbrush which is a testament to the brands high levels of quality and effectiveness.

The Oral B range of rechargeable electric toothbrushes is split into 5 different product groups; Advance Power, Professional Care, Triumph, Sonic Complete and Vitality.

The Oral B Vitality range is at the budget end of the market where as the Professional Care range is aimed more towards the middle of the market. As for the Oral B Sonic Complete, Advance Power and Triumph ranges they are at the top end of the electric toothbrush market.

All brushes under the Oral B umbrella provide excellent cleaning that helps to not only remove plaque but to also promote healthy gums and kill bacteria.

They also help to freshen bad breath and reduce tooth decay and diseases such as gingivitis.

There are many different type of electric toothbrush and what tends to make brushes different is the way the brush head moves and rotates. A rotation oscillation electric toothbrush has a head that rotates in one direction before rotating in the opposite direction.

This is a major feature in the Oral B Triumph range. Counter rotational and counter oscillation brushes are electric toothbrushes where the different tufts of the brush head rotate in different directions.

There are also dual head toothbrushes that combine two brush heads these usually combine a standard brush with an oscillating one. As well as these there are brushes that vibrate from side to side. These can vibrate at an ultrasonic rate of over 1,000 vibrations per minute giving excellent plaque removal.

Oral B Triumph

The Oral B Triumph range is at the deluxe end of the market with most Triumph brushes coming complete with a Smart Guide, pressure sensors and multiple brushing modes. The Oral B Triumph electric toothbrush is coined as using smart technology a term that represents how the toothbrush not only cleans your teeth but also helps you to improve the way you clean your teeth.

Oral B Sonic Complete

Toothbrushes in the Oral B Sonic Complete range are priced at the middle to top end of the price bracket of the market place. This means they typically share many similar features to those at the premium ranges of brush. Oral B Sonic Complete brushes come with 3 different modes and the brush heads are at different lengths to penetrate between the teeth to give a deeper clean.

Oral B Vitality

A more basic rechargeable brush is the Oral B Vitality range. This range of brushes typically focuses on one particular task rather than combining multiple cleaning methods. The Oral B Vitality range consists of; Precision Clean for effective everyday cleaning, Sensitive, a gentler brush for those with sensitive teeth, the White & Clean that helps to whiten your teeth, the Sonic with its criss cross brushes and the Dual Action with its two brush heads.

Oral B Professional Care

The Oral B Professional Care range utilise 3D cleaning technology that is clinically proven to provide outstanding plague removal whilst remaining gentle on the teeth and gums. Most Oral B Professional Care toothbrushes come with a professional timer that reminds you to change the area you are cleaning every 30 seconds for a total of 2 minutes.

Recommendations When Buying An Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Remember to buy a shaving plug adapter for charging your oral b electric toothbrush as most are supplied without one.

It is recommended that you change your Oral B brush heads every three months. After this length of time your brush head is likely to have built up an increased amount of bacteria as well as the brush head becoming less rigid causing loss of shape of the individual brushes making them less effective. If you have had an illness like a cold then it is also a good idea to replace the brush head once you have got over the worst of it to prevent re-infecting yourself.