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This article takes a look at some of the procedures offered by Scotstoun dentist. Over the past decade, people have become extremely conscious of the way they look. The rise of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have led the dental industry to adopt cosmetic treatments too. More and more people are now willing to pay a lot of money to improve the appearance of their teeth. Today there is a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry options available. They not only enhance your oral appeal but also make you confident about yourself. They use certain tools to change your smile and alter the way your mouth and teeth look. With their help, you can transform your smile and have a new confident personality.

Scotstoun dentist

Scotstoun Dentist Offer

Scotstoun dentist offers cosmetic treatments that alter the look of gum, teeth and/or bite. It mainly focuses on enhancement in dental aesthetics in the form of size, colour, shape, alignment and overall smile makeover. Apart from this they also cover dental surgery procedures and appliances like bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, gum lifts etc. The most common treatment is teeth whitening. Most people if not all do not like the yellowish appearance of their teeth caused by drinking wine, tea or coffee or smoking. As a result, laser bleaching has become increasingly popular. But, teeth whitening is not the only treatment offered by Scotstoun dentist, here are some of the other procedures available. 

  1. Gap correction
  2. White fillings
  3. Tooth coloured restorations
  4. Veneers
  5. Cosmetic bonding

Scotstoun dentist

Further Insight 

Veneers and porcelain inlays are now used widely for improving the look and health of teeth. In the field of veneers, the dentist can work on either the front top or both sides of the tooth. Dental veneers are generally made of porcelain to provide a flawless surface and prevent tooth decay. Veneers are made using two or more different materials such as composite, porcelain or bonding material. These materials are then fitted into the tooth so that it appears uniform and is free from any noticeable seams or holes. Teeth whitening involves bleaching or whitening of teeth so that they appear bright and white. It can enhance the patients’ smile and improve their self-esteem and self-image.

Scotstoun dentist

What Are the Drawbacks?

While Scotstoun dentist specialise in offering only safe treatments, cosmetic dentistry, one way or another will involve tooth shaving or bleaching. Both of these methods can damage your teeth. To help you decide whether or not it is right for you, we have highlighted some of the pros and cons of cosmetic treatments. 


Permanence – All dental procedures are permanent. Once you begin, you cannot go back. So make sure to research and be 100% sure before the procedure.

Teeth sensitivity – The procedures affect your teeth and gums. Bleaching your teeth will make them extra sensitive to temperature. Implants and veneers come with a risk of infection and post-surgery bleeding. 


Confident boost – The more comfortable you are with the appearance of your teeth, the happier you will be in your skin. 

Younger looking – Bright and stainless teeth will look healthy and young.