Do you know how the ancient tribes cleaned their teeth? While they may have used other methods, one of the most effective and least painful was oil pulling. Their technique makes sense when you think about it: they had no way to get their teeth to clean the oil out of their mouths. Today’s modern toothbrushes were not around when they got this method going, but the practice has continued on in some small form since the early days.

Oil pulling was a time when our teeth were naturally alkaline. Our mouths were naturally white because we lived in a world where there were very few sources of plant matter that contain high levels of alkaline chemicals. Since our diets are getting progressively worse as our diets become more acidic, our teeth are becoming progressively more yellow. The pulling action that the oil was responsible for simply could not be done any more by today’s dental care professionals.

A lack of oral health is also a huge reason. Not drinking enough water each day, not brushing enough, not flossing at all, and other such things contribute to this problem. These poor oral health practices can lead to a variety of problems, including the staining of our teeth and so having oil pulling for your teeth is often highly recommended as a means of improving your oral health.

Other things that help with this process are things like coconut oil and hydrogen peroxide. These two ingredients work together to make toothpaste that is highly effective at whitening your teeth. This can be a very quick fix or a long term solution to your tooth whitening dilemma. In fact, if you want your teeth to stay bright, you should consider using both hydrogen peroxide and coconut oil throughout the day and night. If you use just one of these solutions, however, you should not exceed one hour at a time.

There are many benefits to oil pulling for your teeth. First of all, if you suffer from discolouration, pulling the teeth will often drastically improve this issue. Secondly, there is little risk involved with it since it is all-natural and uses nothing but natural products. The only real drawback is that it may take quite some time, especially if you have a lot of teeth pulling to get rid of the discolouration. However, if you can commit to keeping your teeth pulled for a week, you should see significant results.

In short, oil pulling for your teeth can greatly improve your teeth’s appearance and health. You do not need to put up with having your teeth discoloured. Try a home remedy today for immediate and lasting results at a reasonable price.