This is a question that gets asked many times by curious consumers who care about their dental health, but the truth is there is not really a straightforward answer.  Most people when they ask their dentist will be told that electric is best for cleaning teeth, but in fact there is evidence to show that you can clean your teeth just as well with a manual toothbrush. The difference is that an electric toothbrush is easier and quicker than using a manual brush, where you have to be more vigilant in your brushing technique and the time you take.

Too Busy To Brush?

The busy lives we lead in the 21st century has led to many streamlining efforts in all aspects of our day-to-day lives.  We have dishwashers to automate and speed up the process of washing dishes, and we have hairdryers to dry our hair quickly so we can get on with our day.  Electric toothbrushes fall into this very same area of making everyday activities faster and easier so that they don’t eat into our valuable time that is better spent doing something productive.

Is A Manual Just As Good?

So in a way, you could say that an electric toothbrush is better, as it makes the process of brushing teeth faster, easier and more efficient.  However, in the same way that you can hand wash the dishes and get them just as clean as the dishwasher would, a manual toothbrush can achieve the same results that an electric brush can produce. 

Conclusion: Brush Carefully

For people who are always in a rush, or for kids and teenagers that may not put as much time and effort into brushing their teeth as they should, an electric toothbrush is the perfect choice over a manual.  However it still important to remember that a manual brush can achieve the same level of dental care, but it depends on how much attention the user puts into the process.