Woman with heavily made up face who has a permanent make up tattoo

Beauty, beauty, beauty. Beauty is the word in every young person’s mouth. Everyone desires to appear classy and outstanding among other people. Many young people all over the world are willing to go an extra mile in ensuring that they remain on the higher ranks of the most beautiful people around. This has led to the rise of many beauty therapies and chemicals to enhance our looks. Many such developments is the application of permanent makeup tattoo that is applied by both male and females. Most people prefer this kind of permanent tattoo because once applied, there is no need to reapply again. But like everything else, it is always great to know the background of this new lifestyle beauty trend, and below are some of the things that you should know before considering this move:

Arrange for Allergy Testing

Inks used during tattoo application may cause an adverse reactions in some people. This may lead to itching and burning that causes the formation of sores. It may cause other health problems especially to those who are more allergic to the components making the tattoo ink.

Woman getting hair done waiting to get a make up tattoo

How will it look as you age?

Many tattoos are applied on the face. When a person is ageing, his/her skin will tend to dry and sag changing the structure of the face. This will make your tattoo appear awkward and out of place leading to a non-attractive look which was not the initial desired outlook.

Is it Hygienic?

There is no real beauty if hygiene is not observed. In most cases, the ink and equipment used during tattoo application are not sterilized. This could lead to the contraction of infectious diseases. Some diseases like hepatitis are easily transmitted from one person to another during tattooing.

Will it affect your Professional Life?

A tattoo looks good on our bodies, but if it interferes with your work, then it becomes harmful. Some employers will not hire you if you have a permanent tattoo. So if you may be planning to seek employment in future, you should be careful where you apply a permanent tattoo.

Will you regret in Future?

What you may be thinking today about tattoos, may be totally different from what you will be thinking about them in future. Remember that this is a permanent application that can’t be undone. You must be sure that you are ready to lead the rest of your life that way before undertaking this procedure.

Woman getting make up done who is considering getting permanent make up tattoo

Who will do your Tattoo?

A permanent tattoo will automatically be part of your everyday life. It is therefore important that you think carefully about the right person to do the tattoo for you. Remember that the procedure involves your body and so the artist must be someone that you can entrust with your body.

Can it lead to Medical Complications?

People with tattoos and other permanent makeups may have problems with some medical tests. Their bodies swell and experience burning around the tattoo during the magnetic resonance imaging procedures. Also, certain inks used during tattoo interferes with the test effectiveness which will affect the outcome negatively.