Post tarmacking a drive at large home

The importance of feeling safe and secure in your home is immeasurable. For most people, the home is a place you can return to after school, work, and any other daily activities you take part in. It is a place of relaxation, of privacy and a personal space where you are free to be yourself and spend your time as you wish. Unfortunately, there are many people with mobility issues who struggle to get in and out of their home every day. If you suffer from a similar situation, you should consider tarmacking a drive to make the home to your entryway more accessible. RM Kennedy & Sons are one of the most highly recommended tarmac and asphalt companies in Scotland helping homes to be more accessible for the owners.

Tarmacking a drive that curved around a large white house.

RM Kennedy & Sons

This esteemed Scottish company has been delivering premium tarmac and asphalt project for years in both Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland. RM Kennedy & Sons have a team of highly skilled, expertly trained contractors who each have many years of experience in the industry. Not only does this Scottish business provide high-quality work, but also ensures every customer receives pristine customer service from start to finish. When tarmacking a drive, RM Kennedy & Sons will provide a free estimate to begin with and should you go ahead with the project, the team will carry out full planning and design as well as offering competitive prices.

Why Tarmacking a Drive is the Answer

In a domestic setting, there are many reasons why tarmacking a drive is the best option. In most cases, the purpose of a tarmac driveway is to provide a clear, smooth space for vehicles to be parked, or it may be to give the front entrance of a house a tidy and sleek design. It can be, however, to make a home more accessible for someone who struggles with mobility or is in a wheelchair. Throughout Scotland, there are many homes that come with large front gardens, some of which are on an incline and perhaps have steps leading either to the grounds or to the house. In all of these situations, a tarmac driveway will make getting in and out of the house a lot easier.

Tarmacking a drive on a private road outside a property.

Tarmac Driveway Options

RM Kennedy & Sons offer tarmac, asphalt and tar-and-chip drives. All of these materials are long lasting and are attractive, the choice of which is yours. For a more durable drive, consider tarmac and asphalt as they are more permeable than alternative driveway materials. These materials are effective in UK driveways as water drains easily through the surface which is essential considering the amount of rainfall in the country. More a more aesthetically pleasing driveway, you could opt for tar-and-chip. This type of drive is better for wetter countries as tarmac and asphalt can be slippery when wet. For those with mobility issues and who are tarmacking a drive for easier access, tar-and-chip could be the better option if you live in an area, such as Glasgow, where rain is consistent.