Man sitting at desk working knows too much sitting is bad for health

Habits take time to develop, but when they do, it is very hard to control or get over them. So what could you be doing that might have a long-lasting effect on your health and beauty? Well, we have composed some of the most common habits that people develop at some stages of their lives. Please note that, you might not be aware that what you are doing is harmful to your health, but as they say, innocence is never a defence and you will always suffer the consequences of your bad habits. Below are some of the habits that may be jeopardising your health:

Too Many Hours of Sitting

In this busy world, most people end up spending more and more hours working or studying. Although this might have a positive impact on the economy and general development, it is all it takes to plunge you into a life of distress, mental breakdown and in some cases, heart problems. Research has shown that, sitting for too many hours can have an impact on your body and fat metabolism, thus affecting your health. You should balance your day between sitting in an office, visiting the gym, going for a walk and getting enough sleep.

Two people looking at laptop screen reading why too much screen time is bad for health

Too Much Time on Electronic Screens

This is a very common habit especially to the modern man. People are now spending hours and hours behind their laptops and desktops. Whether it is for entertainment or job, you should make an effort to limit the number of hours that you spend behind your screen per day. Research has shown that, exposing your body to electronic devices for more than four hours per day can increase your risk of developing the type 2 diabetes. If you can’t do with your electronic devices, then it is advisable that you take some breaks in between the sessions to ensure that your body gets some rest.

Too Much Dependency on Alarms

Do you always have an early start each morning? Do you set your alarm to wake you up? Well, you might be exposing your body to harm and healthy risks. According to a research carried out recently, waking up to the annoying and disturbing noise of an alarm could be detrimental to your heart health. The sudden and sharp noises of an alarm can rush our adrenaline leading to high blood pressure and heart complications. Always teach your body to wake up at a particular time and your body and brain will get used to that routine.

Traditional alarm clock which is better for health

I am sure that each one of us is guilty of at least one or two of the above mentioned lifestyle habits that are harmful to our health. However, all is not lost since a learnt behaviour can be discarded if only the person is determined and ready to make the necessary amendments to their way of living. We encourage you to develop new, healthy tactics that will replace the old and unhealthy habits, and you will gradually get over those habits that have been putting your health down.